We've got search betweens this week. It's one of Fortnite's oldest challenge formats, from way back in Season 3 when we always got either a treasure map or a search between-style challenge every week. They still make appearances from time to time, but they're nowhere near as prevalent as they used to be back in the day. This week we've got two: one prestige, and one normal. As usual, they're not too difficult to figure out on your own, and if you want to complete the challenge "legit", you can just go to the map and start triangulating points of interest. But if you need a little help, we're here to offer. Read on for a map, guide, and location for where to search between a rotary phone, a fork knife and a house full of carbide and omega posters for Fortnite's Blockbuster challenges. 

We're headed to the South-ish portion of the map for this one. The most recognizable location here is going to be the Fork Knife, which sits just by Fatal Fields and is visible from the map: it's a giant set of Fork and Knife-shaped holes that have been used in a number of challenges recently, so they should be fresh in your mind.

Next up is the Rotary Phone, which has again been used in several challenges in the past few seasons. It's on top of a snowy hill just inside of the ice biome.

Carbide Mill Roller

And finally we've got the hilltop house full of Carbide and Omega posters: the posters aren't exactly a huge tell, because you've got to go inside the house to find them, but there aren't a ton of hilltop houses in this area, so this shouldn't be hard to miss. It's got a basketball hoop nearby and isn't a terrible place to get loot, all things told.

You’re looking for a patch of grey gravel just below a set of three trees: head there to grab the battle star.

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