I-PEX has launched the MINIFLEX5-FF, a new robust FFC/FPC connector for industrial and automotive applications.

This 2.55mm profile height and 0.5mm pitch FFC/FPC connector was designed with a front lock type, whereas I-PEX develops back lock types, so this new connector is fully compatible with Hirose FH28 connector.

Even this connector is fully compatible with existing products on the market, I-PEX has improved its design with a strong actuator holding design, a temporary actuator holding structure, a higher FPC retention force (73N vs 59N with FPC tab and 41N vs 34N without FPC tab) and a better wiping length (1.4mm vs 1.3mm).

The plan is to have pin count range from 10 to 80 contacts and 30, 40, 55, 60 & 64 contacts are already available. This connector has been developed as a complement to the existing EVAFLEX series, the ‘unique auto-lock structure’.

2 Wire Male Female Connector, Twisted Wire Harness, Vehicle Wire Harness - SYM,https://www.szsymdz.com/