Before you set sail on the happiest cruise at Disneyland Park, you might want to add a new coin purse to your collection. Three new “it’s a small world” coin purses have been released at Disneyland stores and shopDisney (soon to sail out to Walt Disney World), so now you can take a piece of this whimsical ride with you everywhere.

The first coin purse in the collection is this blue passport coin purse that features the face from the facade of the attraction. A fair amount of money can fit into this purse. And while you might want to use this as an actual passport holder, it’s too tough to tell if this purse is big enough.

This adorable Beefeater from the attraction is ready to keep your coins and personal items safe. It features transparent “windows,” which really play into the telephone-box theme.

The last coin purse is modeled after a suitcase, decorated with flowers and “goodbye” in a few different languages. Of the three coin purses, this is the largest and can fit the most stuff inside.

All three coin purses are also available online on shopDisney! So if you have your eye on these, but can’t make it to Disneyland or Walt Disney World to purchase, you can do so from the comfort of your home.

We love that 2019 has been full of new “it’s a small world” merchandise so far, from Minnie Ears to apparel and more! We hope the addition of these “it’s a small world” coin purses means more is yet to come.

Ciara has been an Annual Passholder of Disneyland Resort for over 18 years and previously worked as a Cast Member for the Walt Disney Travel Company. When she's not writing or visiting the Resort, she can be found traveling, binging Netflix, or cuddling with her cat.

Automatic Card Holder

Can someone test putting their passport in the Passport purse so I know for certain? Because I want to use it for that reason!

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