For use in gamma irradiation sterilization applications, these polyester films work for a variety of medical supplies.

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., the U.S. manufacturer of polypropylene, polyester, metallized, and bio-based films that conducts all of its manufacturing and metallizing in one location, introduces polyester films for use in gamma irradiation sterilization packaging applications.

Toray’s Lumirror® GA10, GA25, and GA66 PET films, which are listed in the U.S. FDA’s Drug Master File, provide superior retention of tensile properties (tensile strength at break, Young’s modulus, and elongation break) and optical properties (gloss, haze, and color) for up to two years after initial radiation exposure by a Cobalt-60 irradiation processor.

Medical-packaging integrity is essential for product sterility and security. The irradiated GA films’ mechanical properties remain substantially intact, enabling the films to resist damage during storage or handling. Retention of optical properties ensures clear visibility of the packaged product. It also assures the end user that prolonged storage time has not had a detrimental effect on the packaged product and that the item is still sterile and has not been tampered with.

Among the applications are medical supplies, such as instruments, syringes, implants, catheters, IV sets, surgical gloves, and gauze.

Each of the GA films possesses a unique functionality. GA10 is a printable film, GA25 is heat-sealable, and GA66 can be used as a mono web or in packaging laminations. All have excellent thermal and dimensional stability.

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