VICTORIA -- A Campbell River woman will have to start her holiday baking all over again after a bear helped itself to her freezer.

After hearing noises early Friday morning, Sharla Marr discovered a bear had opened her outdoor freezer and eaten several kilograms of her homemade Christmas treats.

"It ate one kilogram of peanut brittle, a 16 x 11 pan of mint Nanaimo bars, a batch of chocolate truffles, and then random meat and bread products," Marr told CTV News.

The freezer, kept in her carport, also had packages of frozen fish, and blackberries, which the bear passed up in favour of the sweets.

"I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you get sick,” Marr said, addressing the bear. “They were for family and friends, and I sell some.”

"That was the cherry on top of everything – the fact that it had not only eaten everything but also had pooped on my doorstep," Marr said. "It was quite rude."

The family is now looking into putting a lock on their freezer to prevent the same thing from happening again.

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Conservation officers want to remind people that bears can open outdoor fridges and freezers, which should be kept locked.

The bear left a mess in the Marr family's carport, including a poop on their doorstep. (CTV News Vancouver Island)

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